How to Create Art on Demand and Sell More!

EXCLUSIVE TRAINING WITH AMIRA RAHIM . . . plus the exact strategy I use to sell over $100K worth of paintings online. 

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What you'll takeaway from this FREE masterclass:  

💰 Why traditional painting methods are not profitable today and what you can do instead to MASSIVELY boost your sales.  

🚫 The top 3 mistakes to avoid like the plague because it’s blocking the flow of your art sales.  

👩‍🎨 Professional tips and tricks for getting your work licensed by companies online.  

🎨 A plan for how to create high-quality, original paintings unique to YOUR beautiful vision.  

❤️ Steps to get unstuck, take action and excel as a painter so you can sell more art tomorrow.  

NOTE: THIS TRAINING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Results are not guaranteed. This training is only for artists who are willing to let go of what’s not working for them, to commit to putting in the work now, and to think/paint outside of the box. At the end of this training, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create a profitable painting business that thrives!  

Meet your coach...

Internationally-collected, Amira D. Rahim is a contemporary and abstract expressionist painter and best-selling author. Her work has been acquired by collectors around the world—most notably by the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi. In 2013, Rahim launched her art business and sold over $100,000 worth of art by her second year online.  

By harnessing the power of social media and building a thriving artist community, her business and art continues to grow and inspire the lives of people from all walks of life. Rahim has built a globally recognized brand with licensing partners in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, North America, and Europe. Her work has also been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Ebony Magazine, Professional Artist Magazine, New Jersey Monthly, The National, Time Out Abu Dhabi, and more.

Today, Rahim’s work is distributed across multiple stores including Wayfair, HomeGoods, The Home, Hayneedle, and Amazon. In addition to commercial channels, Rahim’s art has been displayed in prominent entertainment outlets including Old Navy commercials, VaynerMedia, ABC Family, The Female Brain (film), Sneaky Pete, (TV series) Songland, and more. When she is not painting, Rahim enjoys mentoring other aspiring artists in her signature program, Better Than Art School™.